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Recorded at Stop Studio and Cold Storm Studio by Andrea Muccioli and Steve, mixed and mastered at Stop Studio by Andrea Muccioli and Urali during summer-autumn 2015.
Lyrics and music by Urali.
Artwork by Daniele Castellano,


released January 11, 2016

Fuzz guitar in #5 played by Steve.
Classic guitar solo in #7 played Michael Barletta.
Percussions in #8 played by Andrea Muccioli.
Synth in #8 played by Steve.
Percussions in #9 played by Dimitri Reali.


all rights reserved



Urali Rimini, Italy

New Album "Ghostology"


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Track Name: George (My King)
I remember the time you were beaten and bent
while i was blinding my eyes with my hands

my worst fear is to inherit your shoddiness
it’s something i’ve been thinking a lot about

it’s something that makes me drink a lot
and it’s funny that you keep buying rounds

Now sing to me
the song about me
bout the time i failed
because i’m failing again

as an old friend of mine once said
making excuses is a true act of kindness

now try to explain why you haven’t been fair
for once in your life it’s all I ask.

Now be kind to me
cause I’m becoming mean
is this the sky or the floor?
will I jump? will I fall

in the same bottomless hole?
Just create something I will recall
change our nothingness into gold
just shape something my children will touch

create something out of nothing
we have to be something
we must to be something
Track Name: Immanuel (We Don't Have To Work In Dreams)
It feels like there are no more words to say
your void fills my everyday

how many times did you look for him?
in faces and places you pretend you have seen

the loss you had
are medals on your sunday dress

I wanted to show and describe you in detail
where the sea and the sky seems to blend

but my words are stopped by your well-known fear
and they got lost deep inside your ears

You gave control
to what you created
you kneeled at its feet
now you feel frustrated

someday i’ll give you a ride
where the wind blows hard, on the border line
where our life may end
and you will find that there’s no one there

if i could gaze the sky i’ll be satisfied and i’ll figure out this long goodbye
my lips run dry
the voices in the park are soaking up my head
why are you yelling kids? nobody cares. And nobody ever will
Track Name: Frances (A New Neighbor)
Temperance has left me when I was born
What a shame to have come to life so early
to be always late

A glance from your eyes and my life will be yours
I’ll give it you cause i cannot manage it, no more

Your house is splitting the way
I can see it from my bed

We can find a place to stay
even if it’s in my head

you want me
to ignore this
elephant in this room

This place of mine
that you had outraged
i thought it was only my own

you said you were coming back to stay
and then i said i would do the same

but your will is a wave coming and going away.

drowsiness has left me when i was young
what a shame to go to sleep so early and to dream always to wake

i needed to talk and even if i was wrong
i would not stop my speech

Cause I can’t count the times you’ve said
“i can’t look at myself again”

I can’t count the times i’ve said
“I swear that i won’t hurt myself”
Track Name: Hector (Horror Vacui)
I’ve always thought there’s nothing better
than writing my mistakes on the sand and waiting for the water to come

I did my best to erase my past life
But I’m still playing finders-keepers with my memories

Aligned and silent in the dark
my friends' faces; they look clearer when the lights are out

How does it feel to walk alone?
Under your feet the trembling earth
What once was green turns into stone
as far as eyes can see an empty road
Track Name: Hector (A Friend)
I saw you in the water
you were floating upside down

and your hair were tying your arms tight
i saw you drowning and i stood still

as you did when you saw me

our friendship is an equation to balance
it’s something you can solve and theorize

cause we are the features of the same face
the workings of the same mind

don’t have room for you
if you stick out your chest

now yell again, i can’t hear you voice
i’m happy

How does it feels to walk alone?
under your feet the trembling earth
what once was green turns into stone
as far as eyes can see: an empty road
Track Name: Catherine (How To Manage Anger)
On the walls of your new room
I had drawn a portrait of you
with the pencil i had found on your bed

your hair, they were branches
and they overlooked the rooftops
I took an endless sleep underneath their shadow

vertical lakes in the place of your eyes
blue and green water dripped slowly on your chest

and flowed through my giant joined hands
washed my ears and cleared my thoughts

i’ve always painted you as a leafy forest
limitless for the eyes, incomplete for the heart

I’ve always painted you as the deepest ocean
no man has ever discovered your heart of darkness

I would like to be the sky or a satellite
and revolve around you eternally
to finally see you wholly
and draw you as you really are

It’s the everlasting issue
of really getting to know someone
to find a good perspective
and start digging inside
Track Name: LZ (A Year Of Living Dangerously)
Dear darling, I miss you terribly
even if you moved away
even if you never ever cared about me

Even if you’re evil and unfeeling
and you’re letting your parents die
they’re obstacles on the path that you’re treading

Ever since we kissed, i feel a bit light headed
i’ve never loved someone
I loathe as much as i loathe you

So did you enjoy your year
of living dangerously

Think of you girl, when you are sitting in some nice cafe in Europe.
In my dreams, you’re always sitting at the table by footpath

Now you live in China
Right where i can't reach ya
you got a good job and some lovers too

Do you ever wonder if
our work here will be the ruin of all of us?

I’ve studied dynamic balance
to be an architect of castles in the air

Have you ever notice how strange life is?
it’s like my fondness is a spring
the more i care the further you go away

have you ever notice how mean life is?
we grew up together now go the fuck away forever
Track Name: Mary Anne (The Tailor)
It must be weird to jump off an hospital bed
and lie on the floor, I can’t bear the burden of our worries
the sound of the words that you would like to say
plows cities

and then comes back to me
I want to be your mouth, your lungs, your teeth,
your feet and not the kid behind your chair
the sparkle in your eyes I cannot see, anymore

When I was a kid you used to shorten my pants
I fell off the seesaw and I broke my legs
So I asked you to buy me a soccer ball
you started to cry and I wonder (why)

and the answer comes to me, at night
and is tickling my feet, now that you’re
home again I walk up to your door
and everything is different, and spoiled

from the bottom of the sea
to the edges of the sky
your voice will ring in a billion ears

Should I plant your legs in the soil?
Will you bloom again?
Track Name: Meadow (Nightwalk In Rome)
How many roads follow the lines of my arms?
How many from the start?

Just close your eyes
and imagine the map of the stars
we've gone too far

our plans are compromised
my mouth is paralyzed
our hands forever divided

we shared a never-ending waiting
crossing these streets
freezing in the night

but my doubts and angles,
they are the same.
buried inside me this city’ll remain

D’you have room for me, in your life?
Cause i know you don’t belong here.
Was this the life we have in mind?
this could be our new home, our embrace

And I won’t give, I won’t give anything.
for a minute again
for a life somewhere
I was born today, here, in Rome.

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